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What Just Happened

When I was back trekking in Nepal, I ate dinner one of the nights with an interesting party of three Americans and a Nepali. One of them – a nineteen-year-old Minnesotan who’d saved up enough money to take a year … Continue reading

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Durian Party Tonite, Muthafuckas!

For readers of this blog, Lindsay and Rob should need no introduction. The curators of the Year Of The Durian Website Of Total Thrash-Ass Awesomeness™, they are without a shred of doubt Durianism’s First Couple, beloved by all comers lucky … Continue reading

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Out The Gate

To begin with, two stray photos from Thailand. The first, from my last day in Trat, pushes many of ye olde buttons: Street-scene, black-and-white, motorcycle helmet, probing eyes, interesting “business” (the rain-slickers), to borrow some terminology from the cinema. Dig … Continue reading

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Chanthaburi Forever

Festival is over… …and I’ve moved on to Trat, in the far Southeastern corner of Thailand, near the Cambodian frontier. Had planned to chill out on one of the islands for a few days; but now there’s a mammoth four-day … Continue reading

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“Hey, You! Free! Free!”

Well, the Monsoon has finally arrived – and with a vengeance. We’ve been getting absolutely raked by rain for most of the last thirty-six hours. Fine thing, though, that it let up throughout the afternoon and early-evening yesterday, allowing for … Continue reading

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