To-day I have many footage to share with you!

For starters, I done another music video. To stay up-to-date, you may feel free to screen the first one, for Cloud Cult’s “When Water Comes To Life” before proceeding to this next, newest, gnarliest selection.

It was shot/edited with my phone, so it doesn’t exactly look professional-like; but I think the words and images fit together quite well. And in re the title, there’s as much – or more – footage from Hat Yai, in Thailand, than from Kuala Lumpur. But the latter is where I conceived of the project and began shooting, so, we’ll leave the title as is.


Also from KL, a brand-new dancing video. When I visited back January, before transiting to Indonesia, the song “Sakitnya Tuh Disini” was all the rage at this one particular video shoppe near to my hostel. It was playing in an endless loop, with another song by the same artist receiving an occasional (let’s say, one out of twenty plays) turn in the sun as well. Returning in March, I was more than a little surprised to learn that “Sakitnya Tuh Disini” is not only still ruling that particular shoppe’s charts, but is rocking and rolling in other shoppes all up and down the street. The song’s got staying power (and, indeed, it is quite infectious)!

The official videos can be seen online: “Goyang Dumang” and “Sakitnya Tuh Disini”. The second KL Dancing vid, below, includes hardly any dancing. It’s quite common to see people getting their groove on outside the video store, but when one attempts to take footage, they get all stagefrightened and discontinue their ass-bumping ways. But, here’s, at least, a bit of the scene outside the shoppe.

I walked by this joint many, many times for the sole purpose of seeing whether the song is still in endless loop. As of my departure, it still was. Will be curious to learn, in a future visit, whether it’s still the top of the heap.


But lest the foregoing might could give one the impression that KL has cornered the solo-dancing-in-public market for Malaysia, the following, from George Town, should suffice to disabuse any such notion.


Was in George Towny Town for only a few days’ stopover between KL and Hat Yai. Shall return for a proper visit as soon as Durian season instantiates.  But even this briefest of visits was lovely in the extreme.  Let the above and below video clips be exhibits B and A respectively proving that George Town is the cat’s meow.


A few pics as well.  Okay, maybe it doesn’t quite match the Indonesian coast’s show-stopping scenery – but George Town’s sunsets’ve still got game when it comes to dropping the awesome – not to mention it’s the all-time architecture and street-art champeen. (Also included, a few obligatory shots of KL’s omnipresent twin towers…)

2015-03-06 - 200058

2015-03-08 - 184405

2015-03-10 - 185105

2015-03-13 - 184410

2015-03-10 - 191708


2015-03-11 - 184043


And there you have it — Malaysia on the quick!

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