Walking Down The Ave. To The Cloud Cult Concert…

First Encounter:

Dealer #1: You need some bud?

Me: No, thanks.

Dealer #2: Cool shoes!

Me: Thanks.

Dealer #1: I wanna get me a pair of those.

Dealer #2: Me too.

Dealer #1: I’m serious!

Me: [Laughing.]

Second Encounter:

Dealer #3: You need some herb?

Me: No, thanks.

Dealer #3: Thank you; and have a nice night.

Me: [Laughing.]

Third Encounter:

Dealer #4: You need some weed?

Me: No, thanks.

Dealer #4: Man, those shoes?

Me: Yeah?

Dealer #4: They’re crazy!

Me: [Laughing.]


Ave. dope dealers are much more polite than I’d remembered. And they loves the Five Fingers!

Cloud Cult were mind-blowingly good, by the way. You get a chance to see ’em live, don’t hesitate. They’re kinda like Wilco in that they seem to get a little bit better every year. A benefit of constant touring, I suppose.

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