You’re No-Doubt Familiar With The Ants In The Pants…

…but how about the freakin’ centipede in the pants? Well, that’s what I had yesterday, yo!

Was working out in the field, having a good old time in the beautiful Hawaii sun, and felt a disturbance inside my boxer-briefs. Felt like a stick (or what) poking me. So, no worries, just pull down the pants and remove the object, n’est pas? Sure, sure; until the object turns out to be an Hawaiian centipede (cf. my previous post on this topic)!

Luckily, it declined to bite me. One of my co-farmers was certain that a small red marking in the area was a bite; but it didn’t hurt none at all.

However! I never did mention here that I have felt the centipede’s wrath. Christmas night it was, more less exactly at midnight (let the UFO-ists suss out the meaning of the date and time). I had been sound asleep, but was awoken by the jolt of pain. I assumed it was a centipede, but couldn’t find it for a while; so thought it might’ve been a spider, or what have you, instead.

I finally did find it, in my auxiliary blanket (which, mind, i no longer keep rolled up next to me on the bed). It was a fairly small specimen, so the pain was only about as intense as a bee’s sting — though persisted for several hours. I was fine by morning. Maybe such a benign experience hardly even counts as a true-on Centipede Encounter. But that’s all I gots.

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