“If The Social Contract Is Broken, The People Must Revolt”

Very highly recommended: Max Keiser, in an absolute tour de force of an interview with KPFA’s Bonnie Faulkner, in the June 22nd edition of Guns And Butter.

Keiser has got to be the most annoying host, what with all the histrionics and contortions, on gawd’s green earth. But as a subject, he’s the cat’s meow: informed, enraged, lucid, and biting.

Keiser and Faulkner discuss the bailout of Greece, and subsequent protests; as well as the ongoing worldwide insurgency of what he calls “global financial terrorists” — AKA the banks and other ne’er-do-well financial institutions. (For good measure, Keiser also on occasion dips in to John Perkins‘ lexicon, using the terms “financial hit-men”, “jackals”, and the like).

Keiser also calls bullshit on the “Intellectual Property” (as with ethnic “cleansing”, I just can not, will not, shall not bring myself to write that phrase without utilisation of the scare-quotes) regime, in promoting his new venture, Pirate My Film.

But the interview, good as it is, is a bit of the trees without the forest. At no point during the hour-long, for instance, are the words “peak oil” uttered.

For that, one might listen in to Nicole “Stoneleigh” Foss’ not one, but two segments this week on the Financial Sense Newshour. Wherein, she gave her latest analysis of events — not so much different from her previous analyses, as it happens. To wit: that big old debt bubble’s gonna burst; and when it does, we’ll all be splattered but good.

Unlike most peak-oil-istas, Foss — along with her writing partner, Ilargi — gives primacy to finance as ruiner of the world economy, as she expects typical Ponzi dynamics to bite us in the ass before energy constraints do. The latter, she thinks, will prevent the resumption, after the economic dust settles, of business as usual.

Either way, ‘twould be a good time to batten one’s financial hatches and to begin to growing one’s own food.

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